New Trailers: Annihilation, Gotti & Geostorm

An extra-terrestrial world, the destruction of our world, and a mob boss living in his own world.

  • Annihilation

    I had never heard of this project before this teaser trailer dropped a couple of days ago; so this is a total first impression and coming from someone who isn’t a huge sci-fi fan. A scope of  beautiful cinematography opens the teaser which instantly made me fall in love with the colour scheme. From there, the questions you have build but the picture becomes clearer – although this setting looks pretty, it doesn’t act that way towards it’s characters!

    From the director of Ex-Machina, Annihilation focuses on an female four -team expedition into territory unknown by mankind but titled simply as ‘ Area X’. The story is told through the eyes of biologist Natalie Portman who is desperately searching for answers as to what happened to her husband on his own trip prior. It is adapted from a novel, which surprise surprise I have not read but so far it has: great cast, check; great look, check; interesting story, check and a half-decent director, check. It’s trying to promise that it will get 2018 off to a good start so we’ll see if expectations get delivered. (Side note – isn’t Natalie Portman’s face so damn magnetic on the screen)


  • Gotti

    Other than American Crime Story, John Travolta has been a bit lost in the acting world of recent years so it’s good seeing his name tied to a project that’s getting some traction. Personally, I love mob history so I’m perhaps already more excited to see this one but if I’m a standard film lover. I just don’t if the trailer can generate the same response honestly.

    The biopic focuses on three decades of Gotti’s life; beginning with his rise in the Gambino family, his rule as mob boss and all the way to his latter years in prison. Directed by Kevin Connolly (Entourage); I’m quite apprehensive that a relatively fresh actor turned director has taken on an such an ambitious story that hasn’t been tackled before. However, the opening shots are as slick as a gelled back barnet; there are murders left right and centre; accompanied with some humorous one-liners so the foundations for a good, modern-day gangster flick are there. I don’t know why I’m not jumping off the walls now this is almost ready to be released, maybe the trailer has dampened my expectations? Let’s just think positive thoughts. To add, I have purposely avoided making any comments about the way John Travolta’s hair or makeup looks because honestly – please bore me later.


  • Geostorm

    Rolling in a second trailer this week is Geostorm; a big budget disaster movie with an even bigger storyline to wrap your head around. Now, I’m all for the ambitious storylines, they fall within some of my favourite films. However, disaster movies walk a tightrope along a split audience most of the time. To me, I think it has potential to land on the good side but to others, it is seemingly going the other way.

     After suffering horrific natural disasters, the world leaders develop an intricate satellite system that is able to start controlling the weather.  Of course with new technology, come new threats as the system starts attacking earth rather than protecting it. Far-fetched? Yes definitely, and quite ill-timed if you take into consideration what as happened in the world recently. The CGI looks great and with Gerard Butler taking lead, it has the ingredients to be a typically OK piece of cake; let’s say like the Victoria Sponge? It may have a few extra surprises in there, perhaps a deeper layer of filling. When a review comes down to metaphorically talking about cake, maybe I’ve just run out of things to say?

Annihilation is due to be released 23rd of Feb 2018. Geostorm is released 20th October 2017. Gotti has no release date yet but expected to be around December.

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