Doctor Foster: Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Revenge is a dish best served cold, eh Simon?

Series 2 of the popular BBC drama continued on Tuesday night and delivered some big answers that we had all been awaiting. But now there is an even bigger question on the horizon: will we see a death in the finale?

The Episode:

We begin a fresh day in Simon’s and Kate’s humble abode. He’s getting ready to go to work and she starting breakfast for the little one sitting at the table. That is until Kate receives a leaving present from Gemma in the form of Simon’s tie; ‘Your husband left this at mine last week, Gemma x’ . The first trigger of many for Kate’s suspicions as to whether her husband re-lived the past and committed adultery (spoiler alert; yes they went at it like rampant rabbits, yes it was horrifically awkward to watch)

Moping around the house, Kate inquisitively turns to the wedding present gifted to her by Gemma; A letter, but what it says? We aren’t shown. As her day continues, she ends up bumping into Carly from Season 1. (Gemma’s domestically abused patient turned stalker assistant) This is the second trigger to heighten Kate’s paranoia;  Carly simply warns her ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’. Fast forward to lunchtime at Simons office where Kate wastes no time and start her investigations by going through Simon’s phone; eventually finding that drunken picture of Gemma. She then confronts him and he worm’s his way out in his usual manner; but not before she tells him “I’m desperately ignoring the suspicion that you’re lying to me” Doll, he is.

doc foc 2 - Doctor Foster: Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Kate is then approached whilst getting a coffee by none other than the third trigger – Sian. Who proceeds to inform her that Simon said he had a plan to get Gemma out of town; and that her now-empty house has just gone on the sales market. With all the cogs now working in this more evident plan, Kate then goes on a viewing to the house purely to rifle through Gemma’s things.  Consequently she finds the address of a nearby hotel; of which had been planted multiple times so she couldn’t of missed it. Anna is also there and does her bit by revealing that she overheard the night of animal sex, although Kate acts like she doesn’t believe it.

With all of these triggers hitting home, Kate goes to see Gemma and it is here we witness the most awkward scene of the episode. “His taste is me” says Gemma as she persuasively shows Kate exactly why Simon is still obsessed with her. He’s kept his watch and cufflinks from the their marriage, their first dance song is Gemma’s favourite musician, her sense of style is exactly how a younger Gemma used to dress etc. That piece of paper gifted to Kate? Simon’s original wedding speech to Gemma which is near identical to the one he used for her.

Before this, it transpired that Simon’s life wasn’t actually his. The house is in Kate’s names and the business in her godfathers so he actually has diddly-squat. So what does Kate do now knowing the above? Kick’s him out of everything. Pack up and sell the house, take their daughter away, push him out of the business; he is left with nothing apart from the clothes on his back. Gemma finally wins and gets her way. For all of about 5 minutes; before he leverages the fact that he has secretly told Tom something about her and he leaves to go and collect him. Enraged once again, it finishes with Gemma at the wheel of her car speeding down a quiet road with Simon in her sights. Does she do it? We’ll have to wait until next week.


This penultimate episode was a quite enjoyable rollercoaster that was a step above the previous few. Let’s just start here shall we – aren’t we happy Simon got what was coming to him!! As soon as he started walking,  I started shouting ‘Don t you dare run him over!’ because lets face it, if she did, how tacky of an ending would that be?Personally I don’t think she did it.

The reference to Simon only leaving Parminster ‘in a coffin’ was used again but I think just to plant the seed. But it was highly satisfying to see him a broken man, to be taken down by the women that he had done wrong by for so long. I’ll admit, Gemma’s way of doing things do seem unrealistic like who does go to that kind of extent? Perhaps that reveals exactly who she is though, an obsessive and slightly psychotic woman who has been pushed too far. If there was another critique I had to pick – who is able to pack up a huge house and be able to move out in one morning? Apparently Kate..

Did anyone else think this seemed like the finale episode? Everything seemed to be resolved so well. Gemma wins, Simon loses, Kate’s gone. Boom, story finished. However there is one particular person within this long and complicated story that I  think will blow up in the final episode in a horrible way; that person is Tom. This poor boy has had to endure the strangest of situations in the last 2 years but where has the care been for him? He’s bargained with a lot between the two but they only really care about themselves. That shot of him crying in the  bathtub literally broke my heart, he’s all alone and in pain so where do I think this is going to go?

Well I hate to say it , but if death is being teased in Parminster then I think the likely candidate is Tom. You can feel from his character that he see’s no way out. With the games over between the real children, I think a wake up call such as a suicide might just be the lesson they both deserve.  Call me cynical but that’s my opinion!
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You can catch up on the series so far on BBC iPlayer here

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