New Trailers: Phantom Thread, The Post & Hostiles

*puts big girl hat on and tries not to pee her panties with excitement*

  • Phantom Thread

NOW – this is a unity in film that movie-goers should be primed to see. Released a couple of weeks ago, we saw a glimpse of Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest work with the absolute beauty that is Daniel-Day Lewis. The power house duo brought us ‘There Will Be Blood’ and now comes something totally different. Set in the 1950’s post war, Reynolds Woodcock (Day-Lewis) is at the height of British fashion; he dresses royalty and the rich. The bachelor comes across many women but only one catches his eye; Alma (Vicky Kreips) She becomes his lover and his creative journey becomes influenced by his new found love and muse.

Visually, you know this is Paul Thomas Anderson. His framing, his colour scheme and longevity of shots are all there; and it looks beautiful. I, myself appreciated the direction the plot seems to be heading in; but I’m worried the storyline may be a tad too much for most to grasp as it doesn’t necessarily excite all ages. The trailer is simple and quick. It does provide you with an insight to their journey of relationship, but it’s hiding something more… Nonetheless, I can firmly say now – you will need to watch this film. Daniel Day-Lewis on his own is enough to blow anyone away. And if this is his last film (please don’t be please don’t be please don’t be) then he looks set to knock it of the park once again.

  • The Post

Carrying on the theme of unstoppable duo’s; we FINALLY get to witness Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks side by side in Steven Spielberg’s’ newest drama – The Post.  Streep plays Katherine Graham, a publisher at The Washington Post and Hanks plays her editor, Ben Bradlee. They become involved within a race against The New York Times to expose a cover-up of government secrets that has adorned the country for decades. Risking their careers and freedom, they overcome their creative differences and work to bring the truth out into the open.

Let me just say this: Hanks + Streep + Spielberg + War & Government theme. Yup, what an heavyweight belter this looks set to be. There is no bigger Oscar bait coming this season. However, big expectations means a big delivery and I hope this one does deliver. From the trailer, I wouldn’t say I was particularly enthralled, but that not necessarily a bad thing. Means they’re saving the good stuff! I feel like this is a slight, dare I say fresher turn for Spielberg’s film-making but I’m in high anticipation of what’s to come. If the trailer doesn’t excite you, look at the poster and tell me that is not world class marketing. Stunning!

Click here to look at the poster.

  • Hostiles

I swear I didn’t plan this… Scott Cooper reunites with Christian Bale for the 3rd time with something we don’t see often – A Western. Hostiles follows Joseph J.Blocker (Bale), a legendary and ruthless army captain who is set a mission to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory; he reluctantly agrees. With a supporting cast of Rosamund Pike and Ben Foster, Cooper delves into his own dangerous territory by exploring a film option that isn’t always received well, but film lovers always want to see more of it.

With this being only his 5th directorial, you have to commend him for taking a risk. The trailer seems to sell it as more of an action; full of hard knuckle violence which will drag audiences in. However, I think this will ultimately end up as a character film; which isn’t such a bad idea when you have Mr Bale playing the lead. I can feel the tension his character holds within the short space of time he’s on the screen; which suggests to me that his methods should pay off. Hopefully, the plot doesn’t snore people half to death and we can end up with a blockbuster Western worth watching.

Is anyone else as excited as me over the quality of content being released over the next few months?!

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