New Trailers: Tomb Raider, The Punisher & Breathe

A few exciting trailers have dropped this week so let’s have a round up of each.

  • Tomb Raider

The trailer has finally dropped for the re-boot of the Lara Croft franchise starring Alicia Vikander in the title role and I am e x c i t e d.  Based after the 2013 game, it looks set to be an extremely loyal adaptation with everything mirroring the mini-me version. I’m talking the set, the costumes, the story, the action scenes, even the dual-pistols make an appearance.

So far it is looking promising. I think Vikander fits the role really well but the only slight critique I have is her accent. It just has a weird foreign pang when she finishes her words which is like a pinch on the arm to make you realise, oh yes she is Swedish after all. I must say, even the grunts when Vikander jumps or reaches for a ledge sound identical to ‘Lara’ in the game, I did giggle when I first heard it but now I’m just quite excited to see it. Fingers crossed this lands well and isn’t another Hollywood flop like ‘Assassins Creed’


  •  The Punisher

 Don’t Marvel do such good trailers? We see a bit more story behind Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), ex-marine who is on a rampage to avenge; and in doing so, finds a hell load of enemies and conspiracies along the way. A series of beautifully shot flashbacks open the sequence which quickly come to a brutal stop and informs us of why this character is so mentally tortured.

Brutal is the optimum word here as the trailer looks set to deliver some gore-y action which I hope is the case and isn’t just some drummed up effects! We are also introduced to all of the enemies that want Castle dead, such as the CIA and the FBI. Why? That’s the question it leaves us. I’ll admit, I have not finished Daredevil (in fact I’m one episode in) so I’m not the most equipped person to explain the relation between the two but even on its own, this trailer is so good that it will draw you in. Still want to know more? Check the trailer below, it’s very well directed.


  • Breathe

Making his directorial debut, Andy Serkis brings us this heart-warming love story that perhaps you haven’t even heard about yet. It’s a shame this happens with British films; the majority of them are diamonds that are always missed due to the lack of exposure. Basically, husband and wife duo (Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy) are hit with a massive setback when Garfield’s character contracts polio and cannot breathe on his own. Foy as the wife persuades him otherwise and he even becomes the first man to live outside of hospital with this condition due to a contraption made up of his own accord.

Seeing as this is based on a true story, it looks highly personal and deeply effecting so I’m definitely intrigued. The trailer showcased the two actors and beautiful scenery so all in all, why wouldn’t you want to see it? I suppose if romance or ‘schmoozy’ films aren’t your forte then you could get bored so have a look and see if it could grab your attention. It did mine and I fit the stereotype above..

What are your thoughts?

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